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Copyright © 2001 Swivel Hips
  1. Hottie
  2. Candyland
  3. Kitty
  4. Something About You
  5. Daddy
  6. Goddess
  7. Butterfly
  8. Alone
  9. New Day
  10. Karma

Live From Black Eyed Sallys
Copyright © 2003 Swivel Hips
  1. Bobby (Lori Edwards on trombone!)
  2. Play
  3. Kiss (Performed by Jamie Brennen)
  4. Sugar
  5. Karma (Sister Angie Jams!)
  6. Sweet Home Alabama
  7. Walkin' Boots (Featuring Jen Leigh!)
  8. Beautiful Thing
  9. La La Fi Fi
  10. Chasing After My Tail
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